US vs. CHINA Trade wars continue to escalate

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    In the quest to position themselves as the largest “super power” US and China continue to sanction each others’ goods and services as well as place tariffs on some of their largest imports.  The more recent “trump card” included the blacklisting of China’s telecom giant Huawei, who holds the potential of breaking off a giant piece of the telecom industry with their 5G technology (an estimated  $500 Billion/year in market share).  This has not been taken lightly by China as they now threaten to cut supply of their natural resources used to create batteries, screens and other critical tech.  What is 5G you ask?  5G is a new network/algorithm derived by Huawei that will essentially be the future of online connectivity.  For example if 4G takes about 4 minutes to download a movie, 5G takes 3-5 seconds to download the same movie.  For more information about the trade war here’s a link to our local CTV

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