Iran attempts to block UK Tanker

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    The tireless tensions in the middle east continue to rise as an Iranian convoy allegedly attempted to block/seize a UK owned tanker.  As the Iranian economy continues to plummet due to strict US sanctions, Iran continues to flex what’s left of their world scale power in an attempt to hopefully bring negotiations back to the table and ultimately lift US sanctions (specifically those restricting the sale of their oil).

    Further news shows that Iran has also enriched Uranium levels past pre-negotiated terms as per the agreement that USA has backed out of (as they speculated Iran was violating its terms and conditions).  Iran is using this bargaining chip as they continue to apply pressure on Israel and the rest of the world with nuclear war.

    Israel has responded with a cold threat explaining that their F-35 jets along side with their in air fueling capabilities put Iran’s major cities within reach of an all out air assault.

    Only time will tell how what will transpire from this international/world feud.  

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