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    For many years it is understood that the speed of light is 186,000mps (miles per second), a speed thought to have had no equal until it was recently bested. Bested by what you ask? BY LIGHT! Wait ….what??!??!?!

    A new understanding of light travelling through cesium vapor has quantum physicists scratching their heads. It turns out that through cesium vapor, light traveled an outstanding 310 times the distance vs. through an unobstructed vacuum .

    What does this mean for science and technology? Well consider fiber-optics and how fast the transfer rate of information is….. then consider the speed of light through silica vs. through a vacuum… now multiply it by 310. Given this is more of a recent discovery we have only began to scratch the surface on it’s potential applications. However one things for sure… the faster the light, the greater the power.

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    Andy Lee

    How Interesting 🙂

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