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    There have been many firsts for humanity over the last year, but nothing compares to the global pandemic “Covid-19”.

    To date there have been over 880,000 deaths and over 26.9 Million infections by the hands of Covid-19. Those numbers are now expected to increase as we embark on flu season and as schools begin to reopen across North America.

    As nations race to create a viable vaccination, the world continues to wonder where on earth did this virus come from? Some argue that it may have been created in a lab but then again how can we justify the pandemics of our past? There were no advanced labs in the mid 1300’s when the Black Plague claimed the lives of 75,000,000-200,000,000 people. The world took refuge in God and prayed in hopes that they could prolong their journey down the river styx. After all…. Doesn’t it make sense that all things discovered and/or created already existed? Perhaps it existed in the past and it was lost. Ultimately in God it always exists, we only prove the capability of its existence.

    For now, stay safe… Wear a mask… wash your hands… be mindful of any flu-like symptoms. Also for those who lose their sense of taste and smell … You may want to take a little Zinc. I’m certainly not a doctor but prior to covid-19 when someone had temporary loss of taste and smell they were said to have been low on zinc in their blood stream. Low zinc levels can often result in blood clotting (which has been found in many covid-19 cases). Obviously you should consult your physician before taking zinc but as it is essential to biological function, I do not believe they will advise against it.

    Stay Safe World.

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