Cloud Computing directly to the Human Brain?

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    Do you all remember the movie Johnny Mnemonic where actor Keanu Reeves has a computer/hard-drive in his head with data that can save humanity?  Well minus the “saving humanity” and perhaps put a “advance human intelligence” spin on it and you now have an update in modern day science theory.  UC Berkeley and the US Institute for Molecular Manufacturing theorize the possibility of connecting the human brain to the cloud.  Similar to another blockbuster movie that Keanu Reeves acted in “The Matrix”, humans will be able to access the clouds information just by thinking of the question.  Don’t know how to fly a plane?  Boom!  Yeah you do.  Don’t know how to perform emergency surgery on a fellow citizen with an airway obstruction? Wait!  Yes yes, you do.  The list of what good you can do with the key to all discovered information (so far) is endless.  The only question is…  what’s to say the information is correct?  What’s to say the cloud your brain is attached isn’t corrupted and/or hacked?  In any regard I hope they truly think about the negative ramifications this could have on society along with all the good.

    For more information about their research and analysis have a read

    What are your thoughts?  (while we can still think for ourselves)

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